Corey J. Reese
Youth Motivational Speaker

Corey J. Reese

Preparing students to successfully transition from school to adult life.

Corey J. Reese
Corey J. Reese


Corey is preparing students to successfully transition from school to adult life.

When Corey was in grade school, detention, suspension, and even expulsion was common occurrence for him. Corey was diagnosed with ADHD and faced many other obstacles that sent him into, what he calls, an identity crisis.

Through a journey of mentorship and self-development Corey identified his unique gift as a communicator. Recognizing his skill helped him transition from problem student to community influencer.

Corey rose above his challenges and had a measurable impact on his school and local community. Corey's youthful impact even went global when he organized support for African families suffering from AIDS and HIV.

Today, Corey shares his personal story and professional experiences so your students can identify, grow, and communicate their unique value.

Unfortunately, this is usually not a part of traditional school curriculum, but is vital to every student's growth and development.

Corey's mission is to prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond in a relatable and entertaining way.

My Talks


This talk will inspire your students to step out of their comfort zone and grow with new experiences. Whether transforming their academic trajectory or pursuing success in a unique extracurricular activity.

Your students will leave with the courage to step out into unfamiliar territory and experience growth.

"Take The Wheel"

As students transition from high school to their next steps much of the support, they had in a grade school setting suddenly drops off. They are in control of their success. Many students are not prepared for this major transition because they have not been given the road map of success.

This talk will give your students lessons on self-development and actionable steps on taking ownership of their journey in the classroom and beyond. They will leave with knowledge to put into play immediately and inspiration for the journey.

My Workshops

“Own It”

This hands-on workshop will engage students in a conversation of personal ownership surround topics that most relate to the group of students. They will be inspired to take responsibility for their actions and use them to better themselves and those around them. In this workshop they will discover ways to impact their community in a unique way.


College and Career Readiness
Disability Awareness
Overcoming Adversity
Student Retention

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